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Vexta is a self-taught artist who grew up in Sydney and shifted south to Melbourne, where she has gained a following for her neon stencils and paste-ups, drawn from cultural visual debris. In recent years she has been invited to cross the line from street art to galleries, showing her work at fine art venues in Australia and overseas. We are thrilled to feature several of her works in our upcoming Revolution of Art exhibition.

Right now I am… being terrorised by my little cat who wants to sleep and chew everything on my desk…as well as living and working as an artist in Melbourne – which means painting walls and canvas, building things out of bones and discarded objects, drawing and photographing.

At the moment I am working on… a new collection of work for the Melbourne Art Fair , a video and installation piece and am one third of a curating team putting together  a show of 20 + artists in an empty disused space. It’s pretty rad.

In the last year I have challenged myself to… travel more, paint bigger, to draw more and make more sculptures and installations.

My proudest moment this year was… painting a giant painting on a 25m long wall.

My biggest mistake this year was… probably not ever getting enough sleep! 

Recently I’ve been inspired by the work of… scientists, especially physicists, and indigenous astronomy stories. But that’s just lately, I guess I’m inspired by anyone who is passionate about what they do and has a desire to try and see the big picture and effect some kind of change or growth whether on an personal or universal level.

When I’m stuck for ideas I usually… read books, sit in bars drinking wine talking to my friends, or ride my bike around listening to new music. My problem is usually having too many ideas and trying to figure out how to make them all connect to each other or trying to decide what to focus my energy on.

I have always been fascinated by artists that… can mix their skill equally with their  ideas and subject matter, people who create art that is filled with passion and raw emotion.

If I were to try my hand at a new artform, it would be… writing a book, most likely a children’s book or fairy tale.

When I was a child I dreamt of… flying and floating in my sleeping life. In my day dreams I always thought about painting, drawing, telling stories and  generally making things, a lot more than I probably should have when I was meant to be doing other things. My school report always read “she has a very vivid imagination if only she would apply the same energy to her schoolwork”
My first job was… pretty shit, I worked for a large multinational fast-food company and I got fired for insubordination pretty fast.

My first big love was… for reading, as soon as I could I started devouring every book I could, I’m always reading a novel and often a nonfiction at the same time, if I don’t I think I would go insane.

The first piece of art I ever bought was… a lightbox artwork, it took me about 10 months to pay if off and pick it up!

The best film I have seen this year is… it’s a tie between The Road, which is so beautiful and brutal and Moon.

If I could see any musician (past or present) performing live, it would be… Nina Simone.

I am currently reading…. I just finished “The Time travelers wife” which was excellent and I'm also reading a book called “sleeping and dreaming” which is about sleeping and dreaming in science, society and art.

If I could be a mythical creature I would be… Some kind of half bird half human creature. A siren or something like that.

My grandmother always said… you are never too old to stop learning. My grandmother taught me that we are students of life, she is amazing and has so many talents - she can recite so much classical poetry, she is a bonsai master, and a gardening expert who knows all the Latin names the plants in her garden and keeper of our family history. If I can know half as much at her age I’d be pretty happy.

If I was heading off around the world and could only take three things with me, I would pack… paper, pencils & my ipod.

If air travel was no longer possible I would… take boats.

If I was a superhero I would be…

If my art could work for a worthy cause, I would dedicate it to…
buying back the forests and creating more national parks, on a global scale.

If I could live in any one period of time, I would choose…
it’s a tie between the 1920’s in Paris and late 1960s in San Francisco.

If I wasn’t so busy making art I would like to…
be lying on a beach somewhere with a tropical old growth forest behind me, far away from the city reading a book.

In the next year I hope to achieve… so many things!

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