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InRetrospect - ArtScape Sculpture Exhibition | Opening Night

The Gallery was packed to the brim for last week’s artsCape Indoor Sculpture exhibition opening, with opening speeches by internationally renowned artists Greg Johns and Usama AlNasar. This is an exceptional show of works, running in conjunction with the artsCape Biennial and featuring sculptures by many of the same artists who have contributed to the outdoor show, including renowned Australian sculptors Bert Flugelman and Greg Johns, Syrian Usama AlNassar and Japanese artist Keizo Ushio, plus local Northern Rivers’ artists James Brown, Mimi Dennett, Samantha Collyer, Noel Hart, and many more.  On now until July 13.

A leisurely arrival for our VIP artsCape ambassadors, who get a chance to view the sculptures before the official opening at 6pm.

The fabulous sand-shoe creations from Pamala Lee Brenner and Emma Medwel.

Byron Bay photographer David Young admiring wood-fired ceramic eggs from Samantha Collier.

Powerful sculptures by Jeffrey Frith, Michael Snape and Stephen King.

Japanese sculptor Keizo Ushio with Koicho Ishino and Lisa Anderson

Invited Syrian artist Usama AlNassar talks to Byron Bay sculptor Alan Horstmanhoff.

Somebody in cool boots admiring wall hangings from Anne Leon and quirky horse-like figures from Claude Jones.

Hanging mobiles from Jade Oakley, and on top of the lightbox works from Lucy Vador, Barbara Licha and Mishele Moran.

People keep coming and coming...

Gallery director Bree Delian invites our three speakers to begin their artist talks and opening speeches.

Greg Johns comments on the history of Australian sculpture and officially opens the exhibition.

Usama AlNasar talks about his work.

Keizo Ushio braves his second language and delights the crowd with his speech.

Sculptor Mike McGregor and artist Ken Johnson.

A bug thanks to interior designer and artist Kate Platt whose fantastic advice helped place all the works in an interesting display.

Artis Noel Hart with artsCape director Rebecca Townsend and Retrospect Galleries Director Bree Delian and artist Dolores Cupcake at the end of the night.

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