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RETROSPECT EDITIONS - Exclusive limited edition prints by Michelle Dawson

Retrospect Galleries is excited to offer specially commissioned limited edition fine art prints featuring works by some of our most popular artists. Printed using the highest quality giclee art reproduction printer on 100% cotton rag, these works will last longer than you, they are museum grade archival so rest assured you are buying a great quality product. This is a great way to purchase collectable works at an unbeatable price. All prints are $90 each or $190 framed. Check out the most recent additions to our collection.  

Animal lovers are in for a treat with the release of a series of prints featuring Michelle Dawson’s ever-popular dogs. Michelle says that when she used to live at the beach her attention was forever being caught by one or another characterful canine. Meet Bert, St Patrick and Wolfhound - just a few of the many four legged friends she has captured over the years.

They come from a series of three amazing prints Bert, St Patrick and Wolfhound. These look great as a complete set of three, framed in our funky white box frames! You can also request the same edition number. Check out her artist profile here.

Check out her Artist of the month interview

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